What can you expect in our worship services?

A typical Sunday morning service (9:30 am) will include several elements:

  • An intentional blending of contemporary songs with familiar hymns that help us worship God together and focus in on the theme of the message accompanied by a variety of instruments.
  • Friendly people who will welcome you.
  • A place where how you dress isn't the most important thing. In every service, you'll find people some people who prefer to dress casually in jeans and t-shirts and some who prefer to wear suits and ties. However you come, you will be welcome.
  • Preaching from the Bible. We strive to tell you what it says and how it applies to your life today.
  • An opportunity to communicate with our staff. We have communication card in the bulletin for each service that allow you to ask questions and request prayer. These cards are returned during each service in the offering plates as the offering is received.
  • A nursery and other children's programming for your little ones during the service.


On Sunday afternoons and evenings we are working on intentional, personal outreach and fellowship activities:


Saturday the 17th. Connecting People to God by learning and living the Bible together.